standing my ground

There are lots of other things I would rather write about this morning.

Option #1) Strange gods from Greek and Roman mythology as inspired by my novella Wild Temptress of the Scottish Highlands.

For example: Apate, the goddess of deceit whose mother, Nyx, was literally night.

That’s it, I’ve decided. The next black cat I rescue is going to be named Nyx.


Option #2) Surprising information I uncovered about how George Washington helped victims of rape bring their attackers to justice as inspired by my novella Wife, Lover, Abigal: A Marriage Bond, Book 1.


Option #3) Horses as inspired by my novellas Forgiveness Conquers All and Hellfire on Horseback: The Way of the Gun, Book 1.

Hell is too good for people who abuse these creatures.


Instead I need to explain why it will be a couple days before I can post again.

My ex-husband is throwing his weight around in regards to our daughter’s education.

He hasn’t a legal leg to stand on. I have sole decision-making on her schooling as per our divorce decree. But he has never agreed with my decision to enroll her in online school.

And my ex-husband uses his fists and not his words. For the last two years of our marriage, he also employed alcohol as a weapon.

Not this time, he won’t. I am standing my ground. I am done with his bullshit.

Not. This. Time.

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