those other Lulus

Lulu is a wonderful name. It is sing-song and sounds kind of ridiculous.

And it is old-fashioned.  Its popularity spiked at the turn of the 19th into 20th century, and then practically dropped off the map in the 1930s.

Personally, I think it’s ready for a comeback.

So it always make me giggle when I see who else has the name.

Most recently, I was looking online for ingredients to make my own laundry soap.

This lead me to listings for vetiver powder on Amazon. Which lead me to Lulu Organics.


I love the art nouveau style, the dark-haired beauty (like me!), the nudity and even the poetic reworking of dry shampoo: hair powder for hair on days of unwash. Marvelous!

But of course, that isn’t the only Lulu out there that you can find easily, say if you were googling Lulu Goodchild, for some reason. At the bottom of most pages, where the ad links are, you will find LuLu, the company that makes… “therapeutic massagers”.

Amazon requires this sort of language, but it still is funny that the description of this item says “the deluxe massage will make your day!”

Ummmm, sure. I’m okay with that.


There are also other authors of erotica on Amazon who share my name.

Lulu Pratt

Lulu Cherry

Lastly, there is which is the largest non-Amazon publishing site. If my stories were longer, I would probably be publishing there as well as Amazon.

Also, since I went to high school in the 1980s, I should also mention Flesh for Lulu and their one hit (stateside): “I Go Crazy”.

It was featured in Some Kind of Wonderful, which is probably my favorite John Hughes flick, even more than Sixteen Candles.  Never was much into Pretty in Pink, other than Jon Cryer’s character Duckie. And I abhor The Breakfast Club.

What does any of this mean? Well, it means that I was always meant to write erotica as Lulu Goodchild on Amazon, maybe someday, and then post comments about sex toys purchased at LuLu.Toys while having fabulous hair that I didn’t wash that day courtesy of Lulu Organics. While listening to obscure ’80s music.

Or, in other words, from a play that is over a century old at this point… it’s Kismet.


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