keys to my heart

I made an impulse purchase the other day at a discount store, e.g. Ross, TJMaxx, Bealls.

kingdom keys

The clerk gushed, “Oh! I love these! I saw them and I wanted to buy them for myself, but I have no idea what to do with them.”

I told her that I was going to hang them on my wall and whenever anyone asked me what they were for, I would say, “Those are the keys to unlock the portal to hell that is in the back of my closet.”

lousia evil laugh.gif

Actually, I am going to hang them up as planned but refer to them as the keys to my heart: honesty, kindness, equality.

As I was walking around the store before checking out, I was singing this song to myself.

“I don’t like your kingdom keys; they once belonged to me.”

This will be a short post because I need to finish a novella and get it published.

There are only so many notes you can leave to yourself, shaming yourself.

You Should Be Writing 10th Doctor

I wrote this poem on October 30, 2018. My reasons are my own.

I didn’t post it first or even second or third because… well, you will probably see why.

I was a little drunk, working through pain and frustration. Had an ugly cry afterwards.

Still, I think it has merit and it is tame by the standards of my novellas, so here it goes.


fingers to grasp
and turn over the key.

bright eyes to light
what I don’t want  to see.

whiskers to catch
my breath, the open air.

ink’d arms to map
the way you drive me there.

a laugh to warm
my parts, put me in gear.

don’t know where to,
but I’m letting you steer.

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