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Spring is almost over.  Summer starts on May 1, which is Beltane.

In honor of the day, I will be helping my daughter finish end-of-year research projects.

Not that pagan of me, I know.

I have created a Pinterest page and one of my boards is Witchcraft. So there’s that.

But, then again, if this is what it means to be pagan, I have to rethink my life choices.


I mean, seriously, who thought that running topless with tiki torches was a good idea?

The ancient pagans of what would become Britannia used psychedelics, just like the Native American tribes of North America. So maybe this lot is just tripping balls.

On that note, I have been watching Britannia on Amazon PrimeVideo.   I love how it depicts what the summer solistice (a.k.a. Litha) might have been like for preRoman Celts.


Even as I was entranced by the visuals, my mind was thinking: what a load of crap.

And I am not the only one who thinks this.

Still…. but… however… always something on the other hand…

Watching a show like this makes me marvel at the mind of the smart monkeys we are.

We look up into the dark sky and we see gods and goddess, heroes and spirits, animals and ancestors. We find plants to eat and drink and utilize and toke.  We invent symbols and runes and language then carve these into our flesh as reminders that we are alive and alone, but that we desperately want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

All the while, our planet spins and the sun burns and one day it will all be over.

Puts things in perspective.  Never forget to just be amazed that you and I exist, beyond chance and without assistance from the unfeeling heart of the night sky.

Lantern Night Thoughts

One of the things that makes life bearable for this particular smart monkey is poetry.

I have been bad of late about tagging my posts. I promise to be better.  To that end, all the posts that have a poem in them now also have a tag that says poetry.

This means, at the end of a post, if you like the poem I wrote, then click on the tag that says poetry and it will take you a list showing all the other posts with poems in them.

I am also sorry that I haven’t been posting my poems in the order they were created.

The first one I wrote since… wow, years, maybe 2010 or 2011 or 2012… was enigma. I then skipped a chunk of poems I wrote from October 30 to before Thanksgiving 2018 starting with libido. Then beginning Thanksgiving 2018 and continuing until now are the following poems (so far): karma, ink, hostage, (more poems not released yet), mercy.

I wrote that last one on Easter Sunday, and I really have no clue when a poem will whisper in my ear and make me sit down and conjure it into existence.

Once I fill in the gap between libido and karma, as well as the gap between hostage and mercy, I will produce a more complete list.

Until we meet again, let the moon find you smiling.

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