good vs. evil

Pardon my absence, but the end of the school year and the beginning of summer is, in a simple word, without embellishment…

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Chaos. Pure chaos. Cows falling from the sky. Skyscrapers burning. Shoes turning into rollerskates. Cats and dogs, living together. Total anarchy.

On the plus side, my alignment for D&D is generally speaking Chaotic Good. It’s here on my Pinterest board, buried under all the Mumford & Sons.

So I guess this is my game.

My daughter is generally speaking Neutral Good so at least we can talk about The Rules of Life and why it is important to obey them or set them on fire and make new ones.

Speaking of which, she and I have been watching Good Omens.

It is a wonderful blessing to realize that I have (somehow) raised a moral child with whom I can discuss such weighty matters as free will and the dangers of magical thinking and the endless debate of nudge-nudge-nudge nurturing vs. set-in-stone nature.

Plus, despite her inclination to find gayships everywhere in pop culture (e.g. she’s a uber-fan of Thor/Bruce), she realizes that, although Aziraphale and Crowley clearly love each other, they aren’t sexual beings and therefore aren’t a couple in the traditional sense. She gets this. I feel so proud.


I realize that some people don’t care about this sort of distinction, but I do. Perhaps that makes me “contrary” to which I’ll answer that my garden is all in a row, so fuck off.

I don’t mean to rebel. I really don’t. I try to walk the straight and narrow. Until the straight and narrow becomes a prison, or lies to me, or sexually assaults me and then says that I was asking for it…. and… well, then… fuck the straight and narrow.

So I am probably Crowley, in the big and small of it.  But I dearly love Aziraphale.

All in all, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I can watch the mini-series with my daughter and discuss what it means when people don’t smile with their eyes

Or discuss what it means to believe that a child and a dog can be brought back from the brink of totalitarianism by the sheer willpower of love, and sex.

Also, we can rejoice in the mighty righteousness of the authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Speaking of righteousness and literature and love and sex and stuff that can save all of us if we let it, I have another poem to release.

Is there a person that “you” is directed towards? Yes.

Does that matter? Not really. I would like to think that my poems have themes that extend beyond my current personal heartache and ongoing spiritual growth.

That may be a lie, but as far as lies go, it’s a benign one. Enjoy!


I seek a place where anger fades,
a place where I am free:
another biome, far away,
past continent and sea.

I do not blame you for your choice,
nor blame you for your hate.
I realize that the die was cast
before you sealed my fate.

yet, I do still have a query,
if you have patience still:
were you sixteen when first you heard
that I was game to kill?

savannahs are my refuge now;
I spring like an ibex.
or were you fifteen the first time
you learned I yearned for sex?

I will morph into wild, vast life:
lion, fowl, wildebeest.
but remember, love, that you’re not
the master of this feast.

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