phrasing, people!

I love Archer. Chic and dirty and misanthropic. Kind of like Malory’s basement.

You know exactly what the man himself would say to that…

phrasing Archer

And the fact that the same guy who voices this character also voices Bob Belcher always makes me giggle.


There’s even a crossover episode (of sorts) with the two shows.

You can find examples of bad phrasing all over the internet, including threads on Reddit.


I assure you, this poem is none of that.  This poem is straight up on purpose.

And, oh! I have settled on a title for my next book of poetry, the sweetest heart.

It is a line from mercy and it incorporates some of the confectionary imagery of poems like this one. Bon appétit!


a cathedral of flour and sugar
to honor the newly wed pair.
oh, how I long for bittersweet filling,
and buttercream smeared in my hair.

I hold onto his waist, he holds his knife;
that first thrust is what I ache for.
oh, I feel sinews flex deep in his arm,
I hear a voice asking for more.

but crowds are not calling, we are alone;
and now we lie forming a T.
oh yes, what a love! oh yes, what a man!
who eats cake but also eats me.

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