don’t let it bring you down

The quote in the title of the post is from a song by Neil Young, later covered by Annie Lennox of Eurhymtics fame.


A small shadow of blue has been following me around the last couple days.

I’m pretty sure I know why, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to talk about it here.

What to do when you feel heavy?

First thing, sit very still and wait for your soul to catch up with your mind and body.

Light in my Dark

Then go find some creature more miserable than you and make them happy.

Espresso and brownies are also a great idea. Just make sure that you eat and drink as if they were the last things you would ever eat and drink.

Two Espressos Box Brownies

Then tell all the mean girls and nay-sayers to go to hell and make some fucking great art.

Grover Loves Art

Grover is my favorite Muppet, hands down. Silly and blue and kind of clueless. Like me.

By way of update, I finally decided on something classic for the cover of my new eBook.

And, lucky day for you, I am also posting a poem from my upcoming collection.


I’m here, extant, but where is here?
a lost soul, I wander the sand.
I have no shoes upon my feet,
no diamond ring upon my hand.

the clouds keep pleasant company
although they don’t have much to say.
I spend my days seeking windfall,
and searching tide pools in the bay.

sometimes I catch a glimpse of white
splitting sky-spread of sapphire blue.
I think that it might be a ship
which could bring me back home to you.

but would it matter, if it were?
there’s no love in your heart for me .
I’ll light no fire, send up no flare,
and sing my sad song to the sea.

Hours I own all of these ideas, but none of these images.
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