all you need

It would be difficult, in some ways, to choose which Beatles song is my favorite.

Then again, no it isn’t. It will always be…

Then again, I adore “Revolution” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and “Across the Universe” and “Come Together” and “Help!” and … oh… yes… there’s this song…

Here’s a fun fact: Stephen King created an intertwining web of universes that several, if not most or possibly all, of his books connect to. The core of this mythology comes from The Dark Tower series. And according to King, there is only one song that penetrates and permeates all possible expressions of the multiverse, and that is “Hey Jude.”

I’m okay with that.

Hey Jude

Short post, but I wanted to give a brief intro before posting a poem.  “All You Need is Love” is what prompted me this time, although to be fair, I think there is some REM mixed there too. I will have to ponder that.


bury a curse, call the Devil Himself,
play blues guitar until your fingers bleed,
or simply hitchhike to somewhere less bleak.
whatever you need is all that you need.

stand at the juncture between good and bad,
hold onto your life, your soul and your creed,
then conjure Angels to lead you back home.
whatever you need is all that you need.

have you no home? has love fluttered away?
has hope passed by without paying you heed?
trust a Kindred Spirit is out there yet.
whatever you need is all that you need.

I think I will start with a childhood hymn,
evolving meaning as it picks up speed;
because all that I’ve known burns behind me.
whatever I need is all that I need.

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