best laid plans

I was hoping to get something published by the end of this week, but sadly that’s not going to happen.

On the bright side, I am gainfully employed once more.

About a week in, and it’s an okay job. With benefits! And by benefits I mean regular breaks and free food when you work 5+ hours.


There is a certain perversity to having to work a part-time job just to pay for the insurance you would normally get with a full-time job at the same hourly rate.

Which is why any time there is discussion about healthcare, I say two things: bring back the mandate and reinstate the Affordable Care Act to its original form and intent, you slimy little white no-chin bastard. You know who you are.

doodoo head

And then I say, or we can just adopt a single-payer system because that makes even more sense than the three-leg stool that is/was Obamacare.

single payer.gif

Anyway, healthcare rant over. For now.

I have set myself a new deadline of November 1 for my third collection of poetry, and sometime before that for the next installment of my sci-fi erotica series.

This next collection of poetry deals with nature and animals… in particular, birds.

It also takes a hard look at if I want to get married again, ever, and under what circumstances, and if all the sudden (poof!) my life were perfect, would I be willing to become a mother again?  It’s not an absolute, just a contemplation.

Have a great weekend.


oh, cherished cherub.
oh, wee welcome one.
daughter have I birthed
but not yet a son.

my face shows my years;
age molders my bones.
could  I  make life still
from my string of stones?

if courses the bird
with bundle in beak,
then deliver me
the answer I seek.

I pray, Nature, please,
send me an arrow.
and I shall thrust it
deep in my marrow.

go to sleep as one
and wake up as two.
be mother again
before I am through.

Hours I own all of these ideas, but none of these images.
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