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I find myself missing the TV show Elementary.

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I watch the other versions of the character, of course, but this one is my favorite.

So many reasons why.  First off, female co-lead as Doctor Joan (not John) Watson. Second off, female co-lead that’s Chinese. Third off, everything and everyone else.

I love watching Jonny Lee Miller portray a flawed, poignant, virile, square, dynamic version of a man who is so often displayed as nebbish and a “high functioning sociopath” to quote the BBC version played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

bbc sherlock banner

In that version, Sherlock is actually referred to at some point as “The Virgin” and the fandom shipping him and Martin Freeman’s Watson romantically is very large and very loud. Not that I care who Sherlock, or anyone else, loves. But, as a red-blooded American girl, I like the idea that Sherlock could be a sexual dynamo with tattoos who still wears his shirt buttoned up to the top. It adds to the mystery, in a show about mysteries.


And, of course, the list goes on for me.  The wonderful twist (SPOILERS!) of Irene Adler actually being James Moriarty who is actually Jamie Moriarty, a girl. Brilliant!

sherlock irene.jpg

moriarty portrait.jpg

All of the cops at the 11th Precinct, especially Aidan Quinn as Captain Tommy Gregson and Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell.

The family drama of the Holmes including his brother Mycroft and his father Moreland, plus the introduction of Kitty Winters as a back-up for Joan (who has family matters of her own to deal with, including the increasing dementia of her mother, Mary, and her attempts to adopt a child, Arthur).

I was also very impressed at how they dealt with the dead-not-dead cliffhanger that is a part of the original story line once Adler/Moriarty was out of the picture by Season 3.

Answer… new character, new spin. And just so everyone can follow the shift, name him Odin Reichenbach, played by the always marvelous James Frain.

I should also give a shout-out to Tim Guinee as Agent McNally.  Although, because he bears a strong resemblence to Nathan Fillion, and because both Elementary and Castle are crime procedurals with a male and female lead, set in New York (notwithstanding that Sherlock and Joan were never and should never be sexual partners), I confess I sometimes got the two storylines messed up.  Didn’t help that they both had superhero vigilante episodes, etc.


In fact, Tim Guinee had a guest spot on Castle in the Season 4 episode “47 Seconds“.


Again, I can’t fault the BBC series for being too close to the original works.  A lot of people like it better for just that reason.  There is one particular story line from that series that I enjoyed and that was John and Mary Watson falling in love, getting married, having a baby and then finding out Mary isn’t who she said she was.

john mary sherlock BBC

As for the movie series by Guy Ritchie, they are entertaining. But the only advantage they have over either TV series is that they portray Holmes’ canonical drug use and other self-destructive tendencies most effectively out of all versions. It’s something that the lead actor no doubt brings with him from his real-life struggles with addiction.

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Last thing to add, before I post a poem: I have never seen a TV series wrapped up in a better, more loving and more intelligent fashion that Elementary.  I won’t go into it too much, since there hasn’t been enough time for SPOILERS alert. But it was masterful.

final elementary

I miss those two, but I am enjoying Lucy Liu in Why Women Kill, so life goes on.

As for betrayal and lies and the passage of time, this poem references October 23, 2018.  Which puts it canonically close to karma and ink. Chronologically, it was written later.

false witness, part 2

I had no doubt
why you were there that rainy day,
quoting a script
by rote, like set lines in a play.

you said I was
a troublemaker, straight truth that.
I rabble rouse,
swing for fences when I’m at bat.

you said I was
wise, but you weren’t on the level.
spoke about your
brother. I called him the Devil.

cheeseburgers, jeans,
Indiana, bikes and tattoos.
if you want me
to not search, then don’t leave me clues.

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