putting in the work

So, I’ve been busy.

My daughter and I have come to the decision that the best way for me to best help her become a fully functional adult (seriously, I don’t know why I should be put in charge with this responsibility since it took me decades to feel “adult”, but then again that is without any reasonable amount of unconditional parental love and a devil’s brew of physical, emotional, verbal abuse to endure) is to have her be homeschooled with the ultimate goal of her taking her GED sometime in the next two years.

I don’t mean to gripe. It’s just that, as much as I try daily to be a good mother, it would have been a lot easier if I had any sort of role model to base it on.

I love my mother, but she is less developed spiritually than my cats.

She can paint, though, very well. Which is something I respect. She and I are taking a painting class together at the local community college.

I have been trying to paint sunflowers.

I want to paint something like this, but I’m not there yet.


Anyway, back to my daughter and her education.

Right now, I have her reading Norse mythology and various philosophers.

I don’t want to share too much of what my ex-husband had to say about the matter.

But I am going to have to take him to court to get him to increase his donation to our daughter’s 529 account from $100 to $200 a month.

I’ll win, but it feels horrible that I have to go to such lengths.

So let’s have a happy GIF to cleanse the palate, shall we?

happy pig

Let’s see… anything else. Oh! I have not acquired any more cats (or dogs) recently.

When people ask me what I would do if I were independently wealthy, I say that I would set up a refuge for circus elephants, and then put myself through vet school so I could drive around the various Native American reservations in the Southwest (i.e. San Carlos Apache and Mescalero Apache) and become a vigilante netuerer of dogs and cats.

Just me and a white van.  Because what I would be doing is completely illegal, and I wouldn’t want to include anyone else in my thoroughly righteous but problematic quest.

Meanwhile, I work hard to pay for my vet bills for the animals I do claim responsibility for. And to feed myself and the blessed bundle of awkwardness that is my daughter.

I’m not dating Ron anymore, BTW. He asked me to attend church with him, I said no.

Pretty  much nowhere else to go from there.

Good news is that I’ve transfered elsewhere in the company, so I only see him in passing.

I have also been reading erotica from my own peers, then rating it on Goodreads.

And, of course, I am still trying to get my latest collection of poetry collected and published by Valentine’s Day.

Here’s one of my poems about every-day things that give me pleasure, taken to the ultimate extreme of sexual climax.

blue sky

I ran away today
to find you in this field,
to feel you lay me down,
to breathe clouds as I yield.

the dress I wear is white
with little swirls of blue.
take me, me I offer,
so pierce me through and through.

lift the cloth from my legs
and find my hidden spot.
fuck me ‘til the light fades
and I abandon thought.

Hours I own all of these ideas, but none of these images.
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