bring on the dancing horse space opera

Start with this song by Echo and the Bunnymen, written for John Hughes’ Pretty in Pink.

And how I so love that line: Bring on the new Messiah, wherever [they] may roam.”

Then add the following information: horse opera is a perjorative applied to possibly formulaic but still iconic Westerns from 1910s to 1940s. The type that starred Tom Mix.

BTW: Tom Mix rode in the inaugural parade for Teddy Roosevelt, engaged in salary disputes with the patriarch of the Kennedy clan, and was a pallbearer at the funeral of Wyatt Earp. If that ain’t fucking bad-ass, then I don’t know what else really is.

Even if he was forced to pose in candy-ass boots. Sure don’t look too happy.

And then add in the fact that space opera is also a perjorative, but get a life you haters, that is my favorite sub-genre.

Dune, Foundation, Commonwealth Saga, Farscape, Babylon 5, The Expanse, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, The Fifth Element, Cowboy Bebop, Thor Ragnarok, etc.

In part, the complaint is that space opera is an overly female-centric form of SciFi.

To which I say: seriously? All you geeky fanboys? Don’t you want some women around?

I know for a fact that you do. Even it is one, lone Smurfette.

Truth: Anytime I have ever wandered into any sort of fandom gathering or place of business as a woman, you would have thought I was Penny from The Big Bang Theory.

And so, to the sort of men (and they are invariably men) who refuse to share SciFi with us ladies,  and then call our interests and creations less-than because it isn’t just numbers and ideas but (oh my Goddess!) human feelings, I just want to say: “You are beautiful.  Respect us and we will respect you, because we all feel like freaks from time to time.”

Also this, from Jia Tolentino @ The New Yorker.

“It is a horrible thing to feel unwanted—invisible, inadequate, ineligible for the things that any person might hope for. It is also entirely possible to process a difficult social position with generosity and grace.”

Thus, I have been watching Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access, and paying extra to do so.

Is it worth it? Yes. For $7 per month I get the best sci-fi out there. And these two new series (Picard and Discovery) include sexuality and romance and even drug/alcohol consumption (possibly to the point of addiction, but it is ridiculous to think that it won’t exist in the future). And art, and government, and science, and religion. So much there.

Okay, yes, The Mandalorian is a love letter to the universe (and a damn good Western).

But when are we getting a new season?

Meanwhile, Star Trek FTW.

Additionally, I am working on my SciFi erotica, and I have another poem to post.

Live long and prosper, you scruffy nerfherders. Because I’m a Time Lady, damn it.

tool kit

my last husband left me
a bag full of hammers;
self-doubt, fear, loneliness
so thick my heart stammers.

comfort-grip screwdriver
(not as fun as you’d think);
plus I have to stoop down
to fix my own damn sink.

I dream of a craftman
like Harrison Ford;
even with long saw teeth,
oh, I’d never get bored.

I think I could nail him,
on the wall, that beefcake;
but laying him level
might cost more than I make.

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